When the Government recently announced additional districts, Mandera residents were happy that their district was at last one of those considered for two more additional districts.

If two additional districts were carved out from the existing Mandera, I believe it would be more than enough to address and accommodate the concerns and diversities of the interests of all the residents, if only there was goodwill from all parties involved.

The sad thing however, is that a very vocal and partisan section of the local leaders lack this goodwill. They want every opportunity for themselves even when the rules of good neighborliness, equity, socio-economic imperatives and nature of settlement dictate otherwise.

Majority of the people desire to have their new district headquarters at El Wak and Rhamo. Thus, in order to forestall future conflicts and feelings of alienation of one section of the local community by another, the government, through our Minister for Internal Security, Hon. John Michuki, should ensure that ElWak and Rhamo be the District headquarters for the two new districts.

In order to maximize social advantages for all, more often than not, the state becomes the most qualified, neutral judge of our societal affairs. No doubt, residents of Mandera district are no exception.

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