The military has a role in keeping law and order.

Following the controversial declaration of the results of the presidential election on 30th, December, our country is at the great risk of sliding farther into dreadful black hole of civil war and disintegration. The economy is facing a meltdown, the tourist sector being the worst hit. Lose of public and private properties are in the billions of shillings.

Our people are dying in there hundreds. Some three hundred thousand people have already been displaced and are in un-Kenyan like, heart rendering, and unhygienic camps in the ethnic-conflict prone Rift Valley. Youthful, marauding, murderous gangs have taken over highways and people being burnt alive in their homes. The resources of the ever-alert Kenya Police have been over stretched.

The Kenya Army has done sterling job in the cases of Nakuru and Naivasha by responding to the emergency situation of the country and augmenting the efforts of the civil authorities. But this is insufficient. It is the mandate of the military to defend the country from any external aggression and support the civil powers if and when required. To this end, it is out of context for Hon Musalia Mudavadi of ODM to say the government should not use the military in fighting violence when the nation is passing through a life threatening experience.

At the highest political level, intensive dialogue and negotiations are going under the able leadership of the former UN Secretary General, Mr. Kofi Annan and Kenyans are keenly and anxiously awaiting hard choices to be made by their leaders.
But, at another level, the Chief Secretary, Amb. Francis Mathaura and his legions of permanent secretaries, the military commanders, under the Chief of General Staff, Gen. J M Kianga , the Kenya Police and all other government agencies must come together on daily basis and work round the clock during this difficult times for the sake of “duty, honor, and country “ and save us before it is too late. Life and economic activities must continue under any circumstances whatsoever.

Most of our military personnel are unfatigueable, patriotic, world-class officers with first class talents. They can play major role in ensuring that the country weathers this storm if they are well directed and given chance. It would be scandalous if they become bystanders of their country’s tragedy.

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