MYWO: NEP celebrates Rukia’s election victory

The recent countrywide elections of the 45 years old Maendeleo ya Wanawake organization has given the residents of North Eastern Province something tangible to celebrate about when the women delegates from all the provinces almost unanimously elected as their chair person, Mrs Rukia Subow.

Rukia, who has served MYWO for over a quarter of a century with selfless dedication, had her ‘finest hour’ during this election. It is a tribute for our women folk for their nationalism and heroic hearts. Rukia’s election demonstrated that when it comes to any kind of election, we are capable of “thinking as Kenyans first”

The Kenyan women, just as the continental African women, face a lot of challenges. The developmental process affects women and men differently. In Africa, statistics show that while women produce as much as 80% of the food, they own less than 1% of the property. In other cases 98% of girls do not go to schools

These are great challenges which are beyond the capacity of women organizations such as MYWO. They are national challenges for all men and women who hold positions of leadership.

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