Why Hon Kuti has done us proud

Mr Kariuki’s calling for the sacking of the minister for Youth Affairs, Hon Mohamed Abdi Kuti, is misdirected and preposterous,(The STD, Monday, June 4, 2007).

A fully fledged Youth Affairs ministry in Kenya is a recent development. Credit goes to the Government of President Mwai Kibaki who recognized the role of the youth in the prosperity and welfare of this nation. The minister and the chairperson of the Youth Fund, who is “dynamic and articulate advocate of the youth,” for sure can best speak for themselves.

Nevertheless, one thing is obvious. Whereas the Youth Enterprise Development Fund is a great idea, just like all other public projects, it is severely constrained by budgetary limitations. Every gram of social advance would have to be paid for by countless kilos of often exasperating efforts by each and every one of us. A billion shillings may be a good start, but won’t make appreciable difference when it comes to the accumulated needs and the large number of our youths. Thus, one cannot blame the minister or any body else for the scarcity of financial resource.

Under the circumstances, therefore, Hon Mohamed Kuti and his officials have given a sterling account of themselves and have done us proud. Rather than unfairly criticizing them , we should cheer them up, and be aware of the unpardonable sin of ingratitude to God and country.

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