Writer wrong on Mandera new districts

It is arrogant and hypocritical for Mr Hassan Hache to dismiss as “noise makers” the genuine concerns of heroic Kenyans from Mandera who demanded a mere inclusiveness and prior consultations with regard to the hiving of two additional districts from their existing one(DN, July,9,2007). Whereas the creation of new districts is a welcome development everywhere and has a lot of benefits for the people, equity and natural justice demand that the process be led by public officers of impeccable integrity and that the interest, views and aspirations of all the communities be taken into account before the Government makes the final decision on the new districts. In the case of Mandera, this was not done.

Some otherwise very intelligent people wish to close their eyes from the social realities of the communites of the district. By 1963 three major communities lived here and had their colonial chiefs as wazes Hussein Salat, Mohammed Jari and Abdinur Gesey. Today the balance has shifted so much so that some thirty percent of the population acutely feel disfranchised and politically dismembered. Some of the people we have elected have not become their brothers’ and sisters’ keeper.

We are living in a democratic, free country. We are led by an elected Government of the people and for the people. The people will stand up for their rights and the Government will have to listen. The voice of the people is the voice of God. The people of Mandera have the capacity to reason and agree amicably by themselves on anything on win-win basis.

All that the “noise makers” demand is inclusiveness in the process of the creation of the new districts and protection of their constitutional and natural rights. This is not advanced calculus, not to understand. Simply put, no one is opposed to the allocation of the new districts, if this is done in more a sensitive, all inclusive and sincere manner.

I suppose, whatever troubles such a large section of the population of the district, definitely troubles all Kenyans, let alone a local fellow.

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