Sometimes I think

Of the wisdom and unreason

Of my people,

Who said of wisdom.

This is earth,

I know not of what is,

And said of unreason,

Best of places are one’s brethren’s.

Sometimes I think

Of the paradoxes

Of creation of humankind,

Some with great good

and others with infinite evil.

Sometimes I think

Since luck won’t wink

To me anymore,

Bare fates gore

And live stinks.

Sometimes I think

Of those who stand on the brink

Of an ocean cliff’s top,

And simply hop.

Sometimes I think

Dine and drink

Since I cannot fight,

So live and forget

Because life is a fate.

Sometimes I think

From all temptation shrink,

And walk into Almighty’s

House of worship.

Sometimes I think

Of this colour of ink,

Whose brethren

Were held in cages.

Sometimes I think

Of those whitish pink

Whoever tortured my widowed mothers,

And ever butchered

My orphaned siblings.

Sometimes I think

I better slink

To a distance land

Where my face is unknown,

And be alone in recluse

My talents use.

Sometimes I think

To strive and clink

And sheer with those

Who thought and choose,

Though rather a stray

To go their own way.

Sometimes I think

Of the leopards of mink

Whose worth a love

Is naught an inch,

Till the trappers knife

Does their value rich

To array the wife

Of a man so rich.

Sometimes I think

Heed not nor blink

My dear, dear

But boldly steer

Because that Blair

I hear is not there,

And their glare

I fear is neither their.

Sometimes I think

Never to get fright,

Give up the fight

Delight and plight.

Sometimes I think

And I cannot think any further,

Because I am mixed up

And I simply give up.

billow khalid

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  1. Steve Wangashi2/19/11, 2:43 PM

    “A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes.” Gandhi. Highly thought provoking poem.


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