Africa's Stakes of Contention

What's Africa's stakes of contention ?
Ocean of deprivations in midst of lands of riches,
Africa where for majority survival is at tether's end,
And the inner eyes are outward bent,
On self gluttonous gratification fully bent,

Where lust for power, comfort and mountains of wealth,
W ether honestly or dishonestly accessed
Are the predatory past times of young and old,

Where integrity, love and compassion for the poor and the feeble
Are contemptuously frowned upon as the traits of the unbeautiful,
People simply develop stoic, irritable unsmiling instincts,
Dry of the dew of little things in life,

And Africa's valley of stakes of contention
Even becomes wider, deeper,
Oh God!,help Africa awake,
From stakes of its contention
And gain life of light

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