No jinx, only performance and social dynamics determine MPs successful re-election

Since Kenya's 1969 single chamber elections, there have always been constituencies where voters apparently got fed up fast with their MPs within one five-year term of their legislature's tenure of office. Yet there is no time voters in any constituency congregate to establish central structure to conspire against a sitting MP.

I think therefore, there are no persuasive basis for asking hypothetically whether some of the MPs in 55 perennially one term constituencies " Are jinxed" considering the outcomes of the last three elections (STD Dec 17, 2011). The fact that in subsequent elections the voters returned to parliament minister Sam Ongeri, Deputy Speaker Farah Maalim and MP Isaac Rutto among other MPs demonstrate that every election season arrives with it its unique social dynamics. Then the voters judge an incumbent legislature against clear, expected, objective, performance governance standards.

We should never underestimate the average voter's judgment. Many times the common public have acute understanding of issues affecting their lives and what are possible and just.

Some MPs, once elected to the August House, forget the first law of their new job: The easiest way to be re-elected is to govern well and on issues, ever be at the center of gravity of the people. The voting public have placed their trusts, lives, liberties and livelihoods in the hands of their elected leaders. Opportunistic betrayal is fatal. It is the sacred duty of every people's representative to preserve the peoples' lives, hopes, liberties and property in an open and accountable government. A government that will most likely bring about their security, safety and happiness  in accordance the time honoured constitutional doctrine: government derive its just powers from the consent of the governed.

It has been argued elsewhere that institutions are rarely murdered; they meet their end by suicide. They die because either they have outlived their usefulness or fail to do the work that their people wants done. MPs are the face of their institution.

If they want to be re-elected again and again "unjinxed" then, they should and must collectively and individually remain useful and continue to do with great enthusiasm the work their respective voters wants done.

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