What Has David Ndii told us in his article on Jubilee and Moi presidency?

I DO NOT get it! I read Dr David Ndii's long article on Jubilee, Moi, Kibaki and Jomo Kenyatta in the Saturday Nation on Feb,28 2015

What has he told his readers in this lengthy piece? what is his aim? First, I have a lot of respect for the energy and intellectual capacity of Dr Ndii. However in this particular article and those of the past, his tone,language, his lack of balance, his open contempt for those he describes as lacking PhDs, or didn't attend what he calls the "right universities " thus his terminologies, "mediocre, sycophant, hairbrained, insecure, hyenas, idiots and rascals" betray outright his opinion as a scholar and objectives social commentator. Second, comparing 24 years of president Moi's rule with just about two years of Jubilee(8.3% of Moi's tenure) and pretend to reach a meaningful rating of comparison is simply preposterous. Jomo Kenyatta ruled for 15years, Moi for 24 years, and handed over the leadership to Kibaki who ruled for 10 years and completed his term in 2013. We,Kenyans still have a country and doing fine. In such circumstances, talking of "zero score" makes the entire concept of evaluation meaningless. No one is perfect. In 50 years, this nation faced numerous challenges. But at the end of the day the Kenyan stars are growing brighter. With respect Moi's leadership, the status of "Moi university" alone is able to grant the former president's rule a passing grade, if there's any objectivity. Thirdly, Ndii's attempt at air-brushing and anchoring his apparent personal vendetta in inappropriate theories such as "Gresham's law on good/bad money and of "toxic leadership" is not only subjective, selective, opaque, but unhelpful in the subject matter. thus the question: "what has Dr Ndii told us?"and what was his aim beyond throwing mud at every direction,branding everybody else "hairbrained"? Leadership success has partly to do with luck, among other things. The luck of Jubilee is just bearing fruits. 

Napoleon Bonaparte, a one time French statesman, said, "It's not genius which reveals to me suddenly and secretly what I and others should do in circumstances unexpected by others. Its thought, emotional control and meditation". I recommend Dr. Ndii engages more in thoughts, emotional control and meditation if and when writing his opinion pieces for public consumption.