Why Museveni is best placed to mediate between PNU and ODM

The future of our great country is at a great risk. The entire nation is at the edge of a precipice since Sunday, 30 December when the chairman of the Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK), Mr. Samuel Kivuitu declared the incumbent President Mwai Kibaki the winner of the Presidential election under hotly contested circumstances.

The conflict between the two protagonists, Party of National Unity of Hon Mwai Kibaki and Orange Democratic Movement of Hon Raila Odinga is very destructive and all consuming. Our people are dying and some three hundred thousand people have already been displaced. The economy of Kenya is facing a meltdown and some half a million workers have since lost their jobs in all sectors. This has impacted negatively on all the countries of the region, more so on Uganda , Rwanda , Burundi and Somalia .

It is in this context that President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda, former UN chief, Mr.Kofi Annan and other eminent persons hurriedly jetted into our country to help us negotiate and save our own country. It is therefore wrong and show of lack of appreciation for Mr. Muriithi M’moitha to dismiss President Museveni’s mediation efforts as “a bad taste in our mouths” (Std, Jan, 23, 2008 ).

President Museveni is best placed to mediate between our leaders. He is a neighbor, seasoned, elder statesman who is the chairman of the East Africa Community and one who has direct interest in the political and social stability of Kenya . The fate of our country is in our own hands. President Kibaki and Hon Raila and their close followers should subject themselves to a lot of introspection and declare “we agree to any mediation because Kenya is too beautiful and strategic for a civil war”. Let us all help in any way possible to restore our nation’s pride and prestige among community of nations.

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